Invigo Natural Latex Mattress Queen

  • Invigo Natural Latex Mattress Queen
    Invigo Natural Latex Mattress Queen
    Latex Mattresses
    Queen, Latex Mattresses, This is not your ordinary mattress! The Invigo Natural Latex Mattress is the first mattress developed for todays active families. Your family is always on the go working hard and playing even harder. Shouldnt your mattress do more than just lay there Meet Invigo, a mattress that refreshes both you and your sleeping environment. The exclusive Invigo Fresh technology continuously renews your bed, working nonstop to capture and destroy common household odors, while also offering antimicrobial protection and stain release and repel properties. Its an active solution for active families who need to wake up energized. Recover from today and invigorate for tomorrow with the Invigo Natural Latex Mattress! Product Features: The combination of 5 premium foam and 2 of natural latex provide true support (a medium-firm feel), combined with the luxurious elasticity of latex in the top layer.Hypo-allergenic natural latex is breathable, self-ventilating, and maintain a comfortable temperature as you sleep.Supports your body, relieving pressure on joints and muscles comfortably without any 'sinking-in' feeling. Less work on your body during the natural movements of healthy sleep.Always a clean and fresh sleeping environment with exclusive Invigo Fresh Technology applied to the mattress cover. The Invigo Fresh technology includes:1. An odor-eliminator: Not a pretty scent cover-up! Our exclusive technology works nonstop to capture and destroy common household odors from pets, body odor, dirty laundry, and more!2. Stain resistance: Built-in stain guard makes it harder for spills to penetrate fibers, so clean up is easy!3. Anti-Microbial Protection: Integrated properties that naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, along with the odors and allergens they produce.Recommended Use: Invigo Mattresses are well-suited to be used with a platform or slat bed, an adjustable bed system, or with a conventional box spring. Medium-firm feel ; for softer / plush feel - add an Invigo Mattress Topper.Technical Specifications:Total Height: 8 inches2 inches of natural latex5 inches of premium foam1 inch soft quilted cover with Invigo Fresh benefits Made in the USA15 year limited warrantyZippered coverCover Care: Dry clean only. Frequent cleaning is neither necessary, nor recommendedNatural latex is an environmentally sustainable product derived from rubber trees a well managed renewable resource. All mattresses made from natural latex are hypo-allergenic, naturally anti-microbial, and resistant to molds, mildews, and fungus. However, an Invigo mattress does even more because the soft double knit cover is made with the Invigo Fresh benefits. Invigo Fresh is a natural solution and does not contain any harsh chemicals.Please Note: This item is non-refundable.
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