Easy Riser Pillowtop Air Bed With Remote In Grey Queen

  • Easy Riser Pillowtop Air Bed With Remote In Grey Queen
    Easy Riser Pillowtop Air Bed With Remote In Grey Queen
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    Queen, Air Mattresses, The perfect sleeping solution for all your guests, children, family and friends, and the quick and easy answer for sleep-overs, surprise house guests, college dorms, vacation cottages, and road trips. Too many for one room Dont worry, reduce expenses by using your Easy Riser as an extra bed in your hotel room when travelling.The New and Improved Easy Riser-brand portable air bed is so comfortable it feels like you are sleeping on a cloud of air! Rest easy knowing that Easy Riser has 25 years of experience manufacturing comfortable, high-quality, reliable beds. The new, more powerful government-patented, 120V UL-approved AC pump that is hidden inside the bed for quietness, convenience, safety, and long life. The Easy Riser Inflates in only 30 seconds. Its so simple, just press the remote control inflate button and go! Its so fast and easy and you can make up a complete bed, with sheets, blankets, and pillows in just a few minutes. The Flocked cushiony pillowtop with a soft velour sleep surface provides a warmer, more comfortable sleeping environment. There are over 100 orthopedically-designed comfort coils in the air bed that give you a perfect nights sleep without all the tossing and turning. The chamber construction technology makes the Easy Riser brand the sturdiest and most durable air beds ever, with no sagging, shifting or shaking when you lie on them. Choose your ideal comfort level by adjusting the air bed mattress with the easy to hold and operate remote control. The patented motor with hand-held Air Controller allows you to perfectly adjust the firmness of the bed, both harder and softer, while you are lying in the bed. You will never lose the Controller, because it stays connected to the bed and after use it stores in its own convenient, built-in pocket.This bed uses standard full-sized sheets ( Pillows and sheets are not included), and includes a lightweight duffle bag for easy storage and transport. When finished using the bed, open the large quick-release valve and the bed deflates in less than a minute. This bed is so sturdy it even supports up to 650 pounds. Easy Riser beds are industry recognized for their superior strength and durability. All seams are electronically welded not glued for superior bonding, and every bed is individually tested for leaks and durability before leaving the factory. Before using this product it is necessary to inflate it several times in the first week. This process allows for the natural expansion of the puncture-resistant PVC material and lets it maintain its intended size and shape. Use and subsequent deflating of the mattress before this adjustment period is over should not be perceived as a leak. To maintain proper inflation make sure that the air valve is completely closed.IF THIS ITEM LEAKS WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS WE WILL REPLACE FOR FREEEasy Riser Pillowtop Air Bed Features: Sturdy air bed perfect for adding extra sleeping space when you have too many guests and not enough bedsHold over 650 lbs of weight120V AC Pump Inflates and deflates in less than a minuteOver 100 coils to support your body while you sleep90 Day Manufacturer WarrantyAir Bed Mattress Sizes:Full: 54" x 74" x 11"Queen: 59" x 79" x 11"
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